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Special Occasion Hairstyles

Special Occasion Hairstyles

Special occasions call for special attention towards look for every woman. No body wishes to show up looking weird in a party or any such special occasion. Many of us spend hours deciding which dress to wear on special occasion but choosing a good hairstyle is essential as well. So if you wish to know about the special occasion hairstyle, then here is all the information. Now these special occasions could be prom night, homecoming, wedding or party. So here are the types of hairstyles that would go for special occasions.

Types of Special Occasion Hairstyles

There are so many hairstyles that a women could try at home for the special events. One of the most classic hair do is updo. It gives you a chic look and is elegant at the same time. You could try out the basics like French twisting or do something different like a half updo which could help you look a bit romantic and casual. You could leave a few strands on the face to add more delicacy and softness. Another hairstyle that goes with almost every occasion is braids. Micro braids look highly feminine if this is the look that you are searching for otherwise to have an elegant look, go for thicker braids. For the medium or long hair, having French braids is also a great style.

Leaving the locks loose is the easiest style that you could carry in a formal occasion. You could add soft waves in it by the help of hot rollers or imply make use of flat iron to give your hair a neat look. Add definition to hair by coloring them if you want and make sure you apply some hair mousse. A Sedu hair style gives a sleep look and a simple one at the same time, especially to people who have curly hair. Loose sedu locks look amazing so try them out.

Hair Accessories

Having good hair accessory is essential, especially when you are attending a special event. So go and buy good hair accessories that match with your outfit and compliment your personality as well. Some of the popular picks are tiaras, flowers, feathers, decorative bobby bins, small combs, trailing ribbons, hair bands or clips which are beaded, etc. So this was all about the special occasion hairstyles. Do try them out and wear hair accessory that suits your hair style to look ravishing.

Prom Styles for Straight Hair

Prom styles for straight hair may vary accordingly whether the hair is long or short in length. With the assistance of multitude hair products and advance hair technology tools such as straightening irons, various prom styles for straight hair are easily achievable. Straight hair is always fashionable in any prom hairstyles. Therefore, if you have naturally curly or frizzy hair, use flat iron or good blowout to achieve straight hair with strikingly look.

Girls Prom Hairstyles Ideas for Straight Hair

Prom Styles for Straight Hair

If possible, girls attending prom nights would want to hair hairstyles that are not only unique but also very elegant and classic. Finding the best and unique prom styles for straight hair is not difficult since girls have the access to the television shows and beauty magazines that feature prom hairstyles. Runways at fashion weeks also feature different prom hairstyles appropriate not only for straight hairs but also for different types of hair. Online search is another way to find prom styles for straight hair. There are several articles discussing fashionable hair trends for the season. You can also check for prom hairstyles worn by some celebrities and make it as guide for your straight hair.

Adding accessories to prom styles for straight hair is also trendy. This idea will make the hairstyle unusual and elaborative. In addition, accessorizing the hair does not involve huge amount of hair products. Some prom styles for straight hair may not suit some girls possible because of the volume and facial shape. It is important to consider factors like facial shape, features, bone structures, and hair texture when choosing prom styles for straight hair.

Semi Formal Hairstyles

Semi formal hairstyles can be used in almost all occasions. As long as you are required to dress accordingly, any type of semi formal hairstyle would surely fit in and make your appearance dazzle.

Semi Formal Hairstyles Ideas & Options

Short and medium length hair can wear interesting semi formal hairstyles such as half the hair up while the rest are kept down. The front of the hair is pulled up and kept hold in place either with a bobby pin or clip. This hairstyle is also best for curly hair. To soften the entire look of the hairstyle, you can always curl the hair with loose curls.

Braiding is also best for the hairstyle however the length may not permit it. If the hair is chin length, leave it straightened and loose. In case you do not have natural straight hair, add a decorative piece instead and part it on one side. A classy headband will also do or just a simple flower tucked behind the ear.

Braids are also great semi formal hairstyles. It never loses its charm in kind of occasion. A wide variety of French braid hairstyles can be chosen from and accessorized further depending on the occasion that you will be attending.

Celebrities with Semi Formal Hairstyles

Reese Witherspoon Formal Hairstyle Mandy Moore Semi Formal Style

Semi Formal Hairstyles For Long Length Hair

For long length hair, one great semi formal hairstyle to wear is to loosely curl the hair and leave it freely. This hairstyle can be held in place by using hair spray. It is not very demanding and can serve well any kinds of events. It can be tied up into a ponytail along with loose curls. The ponytail can be fixed or one-sided to create an interesting twist on the regular ponytail.

Business Meeting Hairstyles

Business meeting hairstyles or corporate hairstyles may have different varieties depending on taste of the wearer. These hairstyles can be categorized into three groups. The first group belongs to the 1980s crunch hairstyle that is complete with spiral perms and poof bangs. Such hairstyle does not bring a positive message to the people of the recent time especially during a business meeting. To achieve success in a business workplace, one must be prepared in dealing with the modern changes by having a fresh outlook. Even though you are a diligent worker, your hairstyle will provide that you are having difficulties keeping up with the changing times.

The second group consists of women who have the hair but do not have the sense of style. These women sport the same look everyday even though seasons change, their hairstyles do not change. Wearing the same look everyday may imply lack of ability for fresh and new ideas for the progress and success of the business. Such hairstyles also denote the �don�t care� attitude for the business and co-workers as well.

The third group consists of women who always have the fashion and style when it comes to their hair. In most cases, these women have their own personal hairstylist at home or even go to the salon to fix their hair. This kind of women can be impressive to other people but to some business or company, it may not since it represents devoting too much time to oneself and having maintenance on hairstyles.

How to Achieve Business Meeting Hairstyles

To achieve the perfect look of business meeting hairstyles, versatility is the right keyword. A flattering color, long layers, and clean cut will one to style the hair in many simple ways. Since you have a busy working hour, you can go for a neat bun or classic ponytail instead. Such hairstyle can create a quick and professional style. Long layered hairstyle with elegant curls is also perfect and elegant for a business meeting.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Half-up and half-down hairstyles are good choices for a formal hairstyle. It is kind of hairstyle that can be dressed up with ribbons or curly ornaments. Apart from being elegant, such hairstyle is also fun to wear. This hairstyle can be worn in half pony tail style, which can be casual and fashionable at the same time. It is best worn by teenage girls who are attending proms. It works great as well for young girls with long length hair as well as for bridesmaids.

Half-up and half-down hairstyles are popularly seen in many red carpet events because of its sophisticated and fabulous style. Its loose curls flowing around the body of the wearer as the hair is being pulled up, it surely reveals and gives emphasis on the facial features.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Formal Parties
Half-up and half-down hairstyles are glamorous and very feminine. It is also very stylish to wear and style on both long and medium length hair. It emphasizes the facial features and reveals the feminine side of the wearer. If styled properly, such hairstyles are appropriate in any occasions whether formal or less formal.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Wedding & Prom Night
Half-up and half-down hairstyles are traditional hairstyles that are best for wedding and prom events as well. Its extraordinary look gives the wearer a trendy feeling. It works great in all types and lengths of hair because it is not difficult to create. In just less time, the hairstyle can be achieved and styled in different ways.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles Picture

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle
Half Up Half Down Haircut

Tiara Prom Hairstyles

Tiara Prom Hairstyle Picture

Tiaras or diadems have been around over the centuries. Today, tiaras had emerged to become popular hair jewelry for women especially for teenage girls who are attending their prom night. Prom night is very important for any teenage girls out there. To remember this night for a lifetime, they want to look stunning and impressive on their hairstyle. One of the popular hairstyles worn during prom night is the tiara prom hairstyle.

Deciding to wear for a tiara prom hairstyle is not easy because one should wear a dress or gown that is princess-like. It is important that the hairstyle and the dress or gown compliments with each other. If the dress or gown to be worn has a neckline that is ornate and intricate, choose a tiara prom hairstyle that is simple, however for those who have short hair, consider something sleek or classic hairstyle so it will not compete with the dress or gown.

Tiara Prom Hairstyle For Long Hairs with Curls

Tiara prom hairstyles are best for long hair along with cascading curls and loose effect but it may also appear debonair for short hair as long as the tiaras perfectly match the dress or the gown. This kind of hairstyle is not only used during prom night, it can also be fashionable and appropriate for beauty pageants, weddings, balls, and other events with touch of elegance and royalty. It can also be also perfect for brides� maids.

Prom cute hair medium length

Homecoming Hairstyles Tips

Do not cut your hair unless you want a haircut anyway.

All too often, women see a great homecoming haircut that they have to have for a social event. Once this social event is over though, the haircut is left. Make sure that you will not regret getting your hair cut before you do it.

Do not permanently dye your hair unless you want it to remain that color.

Permanent dye can be easy to confuse with temporary dye and the permanent results are exactly that. Make sure the homecoming hairstyle color is something that you really want before you put it in.

Get your Homecoming Hairstyle done by a professional.

Professional hairdressers know how to best shape and control the hairstyle so that it looks its finest. Using a professional also helps to relieve the strain that can be placed on a relationship due to improperly done and styled hair.

If you are planning to accessorize your homecoming hairstyle, a jewel or some type of decoration, make sure to take that to the hairstyle professionals when you go for your hairdressing appointment. These professionals can place these things in the hair in such a manner that they do not get lost, especially if they are borrowed items.

Homecoming Hairstyles Pictures Ideas

Homecoming hairstyle ideas pictures

Updo Hairstyles

Updo hairstyles are considered elegant, classy, sophisticated and defined. No matter how you put it, updo hairstyles are usually the most sought after hairstyle when preparing for a wedding, prom, gala or any formal or social event, where the people dress up in their best attire and dazzle in their most precious jewels, and to complete a formal look a fabulous updo hairstyles would do the trick.

Updo Hairstyle for Women

Updo Hairstyles for Medium & Long Length Hair

Updo�s can be obtained on medium and long hair lengths, as well as short hair lengths, but keep in mind, with short hair, one may have to add extensions of hair piece to get the desired look of the up do style.

Half Updo Hairstyles for Prom

Half Updo Hairstyle PictureThere are half updo�s and full updo�s, the way you decide to wear your up do hairstyle is totally your choice, but sometimes your wardrobe can affect the way you wear you hair, for example if you want to wear an off the shoulder dress a full updo would be recommend, or if you want to hide trouble spots such as broad shoulders, you can create a half updo with the hair hanging down in the back covering the shoulders.

Updos Hair Style Tips

It is important when considering an updo hairstyle that you will be able to maintain your upkeep with. It is important to decide how you will keep you updo style in place, so it can still remain elegant and you can go and enjoy your special night, without having to worry about your hair falling out of place.

A few quick tips to prevent your updo from falling out of place, would probably be investing in a high quality hairspray, some sturdy bobby pins, and hair gel, along with dazzling accessories that will have dual action, because they will hold the prom updo in place and compliment your attire as well.

Formal Hairstyles

Formal hairstyles are often what one would call an updo, although there are plenty of down styles that are considered formal simply for the elegance that they embody. Formal hairstyles are not the norm for daily life, but rather hair that is done especially for a single event like wedding or prom. The formal hairstyles tend to be full of product and preparation.

Formal Hairstyles for Women

Formal Hairstyles PictureThere are plenty of updo formal hairstyles to choose from. These hairstyles include ponytails that are shaped to be formal with added jewelries and trinkets. Common formal hairstyles ideas includes: updos for prom & wedding, half-updos, bun, elegant ponytails and more.

Formal ponytails can come in a large number of styles and can include curls or fancy decorations.

Buns are also a hot item for formal updo styles. These buns are not the run of the mill buns that women wear to keep their hair out of their way. These buns often have hair purposely hanging out of them and often include fancy ties and ornaments.

Formal Hairstyles Tips

Because of the complexity and the value of the ornaments and styling, it is not common to see formal hairstyles in one�s day-to-day routine.

Formal hairstyles tend to be more for special events such as socials and formal gatherings. These styles are meant to impress and often do that with ease and grace.

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