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http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_gRGF0YXQGKA/TC6niHPyacI/AAAAAAAACH0/2-g3p8zC56o/s400/New%2BCelebrity%2BHairstyles%2B-%2BCarrie%2BUnderwood%2B1.jpgThere are a variety of blonde hair colors as the cosmetic industry has evolved greatly during the past few years when new and improved hair dyes have been created so women can benefit from diversity when it comes to the color of their hair. Blond hair color trends have resisted time and managed to beautifully remain a top preference of many women as the warm coloration of the hair exudes a powerful amount of sexiness.

Women have been keen on changing the color of their hair since you can remember as hair color has the ability to transform a person's look, enhancing the best facial features if the right color for the complexion is chosen. There are 4 basic hair colors which people can naturally be born with and these are: black, brown, red and blonde. Blonde seems to attract the most attention and there hasn't been a logical explanation capable of solving this mystery. Coincidence or not, most sex symbols of all times were women with blonde tresses, women who exuded femininity, grace, style, elegance and sexiness. Whether they set the trends for the following hair colors or not, one thing is for certain, blonde tresses look absolutely fabulous if matched with the right type of complexion. Women with a relatively fair skin complexion or a subtle tanned skin are usually perfect candidates for blonde hair as the color helps balance the look. To help you choose right as there are a variety of blonde hair colors to choose from try to go for the following blond hairstyles trends as they are in and they are hot.

Dirty blonde

Dirty blonde hairstyles are characterized by sandy appearance, a light brownish and blonde mix. This hair color works beautifully with subtle tanned skin as it suits the complexion beautifully enhancing the natural glow. There are different shades of dirty blonde hair dyes just so women can choose the perfect shade for their skin. Dirty blonde hair color usually works better if created on medium or long hair as the result will be better defined by the hairs length.

Platinum blonde

Platinum blonde hairstyles have always been popular as the whitish blonde coloration exudes a great amount of attraction. The warm coloration of the platinum blonde suits women with a fairer skin complexion as only this way a perfect equilibrium is created. This blonde hair color is one of the most popular ones and it's no surprise why. A number of celebrities choose platinum blonde as their hair color as it indeed looks fabulous.

Golden blonde

Golden blonde hair color looks wonderful as the warm coloration exuded by the hair color creates a lovely, angelic appearance. This type of hair color suits perfectly women with a subtle tan as the warm look created by the complexion goes perfectly with the warmth exuded by the color. A lovely look, perfect for the "girl next door look".

Paying attention to proper hair care is essential if you wish to go blonde as only healthy hair can fully benefit from these incredible blonde hair color trends. Turn to a professional if you consider changing your hair color as they can create the perfect blonde hair color for your complexion without damaging your hair. Hair coloring is not an easy process and it needs to be done with care in order to avoid irrevocable hair damage.
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